Installation Instructions For Under fence Plinths


Installation Instructions For Concrete Under Fence Plinths Sydney

When installing a colorbond fence, good neighbor or panel fence made of steel you want a product that is going to complement the beautiful colorbond fence, why would you put timber underneath the fence? its a terrible product, your new fence will last for years and years while your timber plinth or sleeper will start to rot fade and even get eaten by white ants in a short amount of time, leaving you with a ugly look.

When you have people over they will notice that you have installed a quality product and that it will stand the test of time, and it will stay that way for years. Our under fence concrete plinths are 50 MPa strength and have 2 reo bars in them to give them strength in compression and flex. Please note that they are a 2 person lift.

Under Fence Sleepers

Under fence sleepers is another name for under fence plinths (UFPs)

We have 3 different colors to choose from to complement your fence and make it stand out, you can stack them on top of each other, so 2x200 plinths to make a 400mm plinth but we would not recommend going any higher with them and would suggest our concrete sleeper retaining walls instead.

If you need a quote for supply or need tips installing them call me on 02 8607 7164 or email me at

Buy online today and we can deliver the under fence concrete plinths directly to you home or you can pick up from our store.

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