Rasied Garden Bed Retaining Walls

Rasied Garden Bed Retaining Walls

Posted by Lee Benson on 16th Feb 2014

Raised Garden Bed Retaining Walls

Have you been thinking about doing a garden bed or a veggie patch? do you love growing your own food and herbs or do you want to build something for the kids as an experience? 

What are the benefits of a raised garden bed?

1. You can grow just about anything! tomatoes, spinach, corn, plants or some nice roses if your into those spiky beggars (sure they look nice but they need a lot of maintenance and they go out of control and are hard to get rid of, are they really worth it lol)

2. They get rid of some of the nasty critters like snail and slugs (dont eat these by the way i heard they can kill you and also taste bad) having a raised garden bed also keeps out the pathway weeds, and if your like me it keeps it all low maintenance!

3.They are really good for drainage, i don't know how to grow a garden but apparently that's good (im good at retaining walls though)

4. It allows you to use fertile and rich soil to get the most out of your garden.

5. And last but not least, you don't have to bend over. and it saves you money by not going to the chiropractor for that sore back and knees. I've had a bulging disc in my back, made me feel like 100 years old. Look after it!

So now im getting to the point

Why Use Concrete Sleepers For You Raised Garden Bed?

1. They don't warp or buckle like timber sleepers do, this helps you get a nice straight line when you build one and helps you get it nice and straight, not to mention that it looks 1000% better and doesn't fade over time and split.

2. Concrete sleepers last forever (like 50 years plus), unlike timber which will only look good for a year tops then its all downhill from there, sure timber is cheaper but you get what you pay for.

3. Kids don't get splinters! the more timber you have around the place the more likely a child or adult is going to get a splinter, especially when the timber starts to get old and split.

4.We have a wide range of styles and color that can match the style of your home and landscaping, with timber you can only really have a few looks.

If you are thinking about using concrete sleepers as a raised garden bed please give me a call for a free quote or browse our online store for some great prices, or flick us an email at lee@gorillawall.com.au

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