Are Concrete Sleeper Retaining Walls Strong

Are Concrete Sleeper Retaining Walls Strong

Posted by Lee Benson on 5th May 2018

Are Concrete Sleeper Retaining Walls Strong?

Recently i had a customer message me and say "hey, i just saw your ad, i really like the look of your concrete sleeper retaining walls, i have to build one out the front of my place in Sydney and it is on a sloping block and I'm just worried are they strong enough to go 1m high?"

My response was "they sure are baby" (i didn't really say that, i just said it in my head). My actual response was yes our concrete sleepers are very strong, the whole retaining wall system that we sell is engineered to go 4m high if you want it too.

We have sleepers that are standard and are strong for retaining walls up to 1m high, then we have a range of other sleepers that are called HD (heavy duty) all the way up to EEHD (extra extra heavy duty) for retaining walls 4m high!

Combine that with our beautiful Hot dipped Galvanized beams that are 120ub and 150ub (larger beams can be sold on special order if needed) and you have yourself a wall that will be the last thing standing at the end of the world.

Concrete sleeper retaining wall lonsdale

Those Holes Are Deep, Like Really Deep

Ive been to a few commercial jobs where our retaining walls were in the process of being installed, and the builder had a excavation team onsite with a few heavy machines with some big augurs. i looked down some of these holes and it gave me a shiver, they are really deep and i would not like to fall in one that is for sure.

Not only are they deep they are filled with a structural concrete mix usually delivered to site by a concrete company in one of the cement mixer trucks.

I can tell you now these walls that we sell are no cheap backyard job. they are built to be strong and to last the test of time.

So I Can Use This System At Home Right

Sure can! At Gorilla Wall we actually aim to help those who want to build a retaining wall at their home or backyards to a professional standard, not only are they strong but they look awesome, we will be sure to have a color or style to suit your needs.

And they are reasonably well priced compare to the other systems like cement block walls, they actually turn out to be the same price once you factor in all the components. Not to mention that our products are more durable 

Also if you buy from us you get the right to talk to me if you need any DIY advice while you are installing your job, how is that for service!

They Are Easy To Install

The beauty of these products is that that are very easy to install and if your a little bit of a handy man you can work out how to install the job yourself.

The materials never rot, which means that once you put in all the hard work to install it will stay that way for years to come.

And they are eye catching, they look great and definitely a talking point if your installed the job yourself.

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